Now the world can
be your classroom

Boards have been critical teaching aids for centuries. You don’t have to say goodbye to them just because you’re teaching remotely. Now you can easily share your board with your students, wherever they may be.

Bring back the board

Tired of digital-first solutions that remove the human touch? Frustrated with expensive, inaccessible hardware? Take what works and enhance it with ShareTheBoard.

Familiar, time-tested methods Familiar, time-tested methods

Simply point your laptop at your board and teach. Your remote students get a natural learning experience and you don’t have to change your teaching style.

Give the gift of legible content Give the gift of legible content

Our app identifies handwritten content, amplifies it, and places it “in front” of any obstacles by the board. You teach your way, the app does the rest.

Effortless hybrid education Effortless hybrid education

Hybrid education comes with its own set of challenges. With our app, you can address remote students and those physically present simultaneously.

Keep remote students focused Keep remote students focused

Stream your board content straight to students’ browsers, allowing them to save it with one click. Now your students can focus on you, not their notes.

Bridge the technology gap Bridge the technology gap

Poor internet connections put some students at a disadvantage. Unlike other apps, ShareTheBoard delivers legible board contents even with a slow connection.

Slash your technology costs Slash your technology costs

Special cameras and digital boards cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Our app allows you to deliver legible, digitized content for a fraction of the price.

Enjoy a truly mobile solution Enjoy a truly mobile solution

When you can’t get to your class, all of those special devices in your classroom become useless. Our app makes teaching from home easy – all you need is your laptop.

Inspire creativity Inspire creativity

The flexibility of ShareTheBoard allows you to actually take advantage of being remote. What would you do differently if the world could be your classroom?

Got questions?

We’ve got answers.

Can I use this with a blackboard?

Yes! Or a whiteboard, or a flip chart, or electrostatic sheets, or a piece of paper taped to to the wall…


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Do I need a special camera?

No. As long as your lighting is reasonably good, your built-in laptop camera will work fine.


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Are there education discounts?

Yes! Students and educators can count on a generous discount, pending verification.


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Need to do more than just share your board?

Integration with video-conferencing, auto-saved board contents, live annotations by students –  it’s all coming soon! Pick the plan that’s right for you.

Making an impact
where it counts

ShareTheBoard allows me to use a real white board. I have yet to find a better alternative when writing Greek. One of my colleagues uses a tablet with a stylus and connects it with the white board element of his video-conferencing apps. That requires me, however, to purchase a decent tablet and a stylus and to adjust the way I teach – sitting rather than standing (and thus remaining mostly stationary). For some this might not matter but standing improves my energy, confidence and attitude and it is an accepted and well-known means of delivering an education. It’s familiar.

Teresa Danze, Classics Professor

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance.

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