Tester Version

    Price: Feedback


    The Tester Version is yours for the price of feedback. Here’s how we collect it:

    • This short form is all you fill out to download the app
    • Within the app, you’ll occasionally be served short surveys (1-2 questions)
    • We track clicks within the app anonymously, to make sure it’s working
    • We hope you’ll contact us and share any notes you have – good and bad!

    Frequently asked

    How much does the Tester version cost?

    Nothing. The price is your feedback. For a limited time, just for testing the app and answering a few questions, you can get your own Tester version of our app for free.

    How do you collect feedback?

    We collect feedback in three ways:

    1. Via the short form on this page: after you complete this form, we send you a link to download the app
    2. Via short surveys inside the app: you’ll answer 1 or 2 questions after completing key tasks (like downloading the app or starting a session)
    3. Via anonymous click data: we record your click activity and app response in order to verify that the app is functioning correctly

    And, of course, we encourage you to contact us and share your notes with us – good or bad!

    What does this app actually do?

    Our app identifies and digitizes handwritten content in real-time. This means that anything you write on a whiteboard, blackboard, flip-chart, or even a piece of paper can be shared with remote viewers, effectively: the content is much more legible and can be saved digitally with just one click.

    Our app allows you to zoom in on your selected work surface and correct the angle from which it’s viewed. Our app is also smart enough to identify obstacles in front of content (such as people) and ignore them, making them appear “see through” to your remote viewers.

    Our app allows you to stream your board content online, letting your viewers see it directly in their browsers. They too have the option of saving your board contents with one click.

    Our app will soon deliver other features: such as audio/video conferencing capabilities, the option for remote viewers to contribute digital content, as well as a host of integrations with 3rd-party applications.

    Best of all, our app does all of this without requiring expensive hardware, such as specialized cameras or digital “e-boards.” Using just your laptop, you can turn any writing surface into a smart, digital tool.

    What are the system requirements for running this app?

    Windows users will need to run Windows 10 and Mac users should use 10.15 (Catalina) or newer. Your system should have at least 6GB RAM (8GB or more would be better).

    What will I need besides the app?

    If you’re running the app on a laptop with a built-in camera, you don’t need anything else! If you don’t have a built-in camera or just want a better picture, simply attach any external camera to your computer. Other than that, you just need any writing surface (a whiteboard, a blackboard, a flip chart, electrostatic sheets, or even a few sheets of paper taped to the wall) and something to write with (markers, pencils, pens – anything!).

    How do I download and install the app?

    To get the app, complete the short form above and use the generated download links (we’ll also send them to your provided email address). Click the links and follow the simple installation instructions.

    What if I need help using the app?

    Check out our FAQ page for answers to questions about installing and using the app. There’s a lot of great content there. If you still have questions or just would like to share notes, contact us via our site or via email: [email protected]


    Contact us

    Paid users will also receive a priority support email address for assistance as well as other support contact options (TBD).

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