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Can I use a mobile device to capture the whiteboard?

Viewers (remote participants in a meeting) can already use their mobile devices to view a shared board.

For presenters, a mobile version will be ready some time this or next year (2022/2023). That said, a laptop will likely work better when sharing a larger surface (such as a whiteboard), for two simple reasons:

  1. It’s much easier to point your laptop camera (or any external camera) at an appropriate angle and with the necessary stability.
  2. Looking back at your laptop allows you to clearly see any digital content added by your remote participants.

In most cases, a mobile device might be more useful for sharing a nearby surface (e.g., a notebook or a portion of a whiteboard immediately in front of a presenter) or for sharing a whiteboard from the perspective of a viewer (in the same room as the presenter). If you’d like to be the first to know when our mobile version launches, sign up for product updates on our contact form:

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How do I save my board content?

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