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$4 / month
1 license
For occasional remote whiteboarding
Plan includes:
  • Content amplification

    All handwritten content is identified and visually strengthened in real time. Learn more

  • Obstacle avoidance

    Obstacles by the board (such as presenters) are made to appear transparent to all remote viewers. Learn more

  • Surface detection

    Point your camera at the surface you’d like to share (whiteboards, blackboards, flip charts, or even pieces of paper) and the app will identify them automatically. Learn more

  • Web app

    Simply log in, start a session, and share STB with your remote viewers using the screen share feature of your favorite video conferencing solution. Learn more

  • Basic digital annotations

    Your remote viewers can interact with your board, using a laser pointer, marker tool, and comments tool. Learn more

  • One-click save

    Anyone can save a snapshot of the board (as well as any digital annotations) at any time. Board contents can be saved in PDF, PNG, and SVG formats.



$8 / month
1 license
When whiteboards are central to your responsibilities
Everything in Starter, and:
  • Content Camera (video conferencing integration)

    Desktop application that delivers all of the benefits of ShareTheBoard as a virtual camera.

    Serves ShareTheBoard video stream inside of any videoconferencing app (or any app that requires a camera). Learn more

    Windows app available; MAC coming in 2023

  • Advanced digital annotations

    Your remote viewers can interact with your board using a digital zoom, laser pointer, marker tool, comments, text tool, line tool, and shape tool. Learn more

  • Auto-save: Last 5 sessions

    All of the contents of your board are saved automatically and organized into meaningful slides. Learn more

  • Basic integrations

    Save board contents directly to Slack or Google Drive



$10 / month / license
2 - 50 licenses
Small schools or departments, organizations committed to hybrid collaboration
Everything in Pro, and:
  • Spatial zeroing

    When sharing a complex writing surface comprised of multiple boards, tell the app which areas to ignore. Learn more

  • Auto-save: Last 10 sessions

    All of your board contents are automatically saved and organized into meaningful slides.

  • Board memory

    Replay board contents during your live meeting or after your session is complete

  • More integrations

    Spring 2023: Canvas, Google Classroom

    Summer 2023: MS Teams, Dropbox

  • Basic user and access administration


Custom / month / license
>50 licenses
School / system-wide deployments and large business solutions
Everything in Team, and:
  • Custom digital annotations

    Option to develop custom annotation tools for your organization

  • Sessions and viewers: custom

    Set the viewer number and session duration limits that are right for your organization

  • Custom integrations

    Opportunity to integrate ShareTheBoard with off-menu productivity apps

  • Advanced administration options
  • Advanced security options

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Content amplification
Obstacle avoidance

Deployment options

Whatever hardware or software you use, there’s a version of ShareTheBoard for that

Web app
Content Camera
WIN app (MAC coming 2023)
WIN app (MAC coming 2023)
WIN app (MAC coming 2023)
Custom deployment


Effective remote collaboration and education through engagement

Session limits
up to 20 users, 1h sessions
up to 50 users, 2h sessions
up to 100 users, 4h sessions
Custom limits
Digital annotations
pointer, marker, comments
STARTER + text, lines, shapes, zoom
PRO + emojis/icons
Custom annotations available

Content capture

Keep your board contents secure and your meetings focused

One-click save
last 5 sessions
last 10 sessions
Custom limits
Board memory


Features to fully integrate whiteboards into your organization’s workflow

Slack, Drive
PRO + Canvas, Classroom, Teams, Dropbox
Custom integrations available
Advanced security options


Help is just a few clicks away

FAQ, email
Priority email
Dedicated rep

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try ShareTheBoard before buying it?

Yes. You can take the PRO version out for a Free 7-day trial.

Do you have a return policy?

Yes, all non-custom purchases can be returned no-questions-asked for up to 14 days after purchase.

What constitutes a license?

When buying multiple licenses, we recommend purchasing one per presenter. This will make it easier to manage personal settings or auto-saved board contents. If you prefer, you can choose instead to purchase one license per room (e.g., classroom / conference room).

Note that each license can accommodate many simultaneous viewers:

  • presenters using the STARTER plan can share their boards with up to 20 viewers at a time
  • for PRO, the limit is 50 viewers
  • for TEAM, it’s 100 viewers
  • for ENTERPRISE, it’s up to you (custom limits)!

Do you provide education discounts?

Yes! In fact, we’re proud to offer ShareTheBoard for free to individual educators and students.

The Starter Version – which has everything you need to share your board legibly and interactively – is available to individual students and teachers for free. The PRO Version – with features like videoconferencing integration or content auto-save – is available to individual students and teachers at 50% off.

If you are an individual student or educator, all you have to do is Claim your Education Discount.

And if you represent a school or educational organization, contact us or schedule a free demo. We’ll answer all of your questions and get you set up with a free evaluation.

Can I change my plan after buying?

Yes. Simply go to Plan Details in your dashboard and upgrade/downgrade at will.

I have more questions. Can I talk to someone?

Of course! Feel free to contact us at any time.

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