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$5/mo., billed annually

$6/mo., billed monthly

  • Identify handwritten content in real time
  • Ignore obstacles (make them appear transparent)
  • Share via any videoconferencing platform:
    Unlimited users in 1h sessions
  • Stream content live: up to 20 users in 1h sessions


$10/mo., billed annually

Minimum 10 users

  • Identify handwritten content in real time
  • Ignore obstacles (make them appear transparent)
  • Share via any videoconferencing platform:
    Unlimited users in 2h sessions
  • Stream content live: up to 50 users in 2h sessions
  • Viewers can add digital annotations
  • Integrated audio/video conferencing
  • Productivity app integrations

Frequently asked

What does this app actually do?

In short, our app allows you to effectively share any offline/traditional/analog surface online, in real time.

The app does this by identifying handwritten content, while making any obstacles in front of that content (such as people) appear “see through.” Anything you write on a whiteboard, blackboard, flip-chart, or even a piece of paper becomes more legible for remote viewers and can be easily saved or uploaded to other apps.

Best of all, our app does all of this without requiring expensive hardware, such as specialized cameras or digital “e-boards.” Using just your laptop, you can turn any writing surface into a smart, digital tool.

What will I need besides the app?

If you’re running the app on a laptop with a built-in camera, you don’t need anything else (besides a Web browser). If you don’t have a built-in camera or just want a better picture, simply attach any external camera to your computer. Other than that, you just need any writing surface (a whiteboard, a blackboard, a flip chart, electrostatic sheets, or even a sheet of paper) and something to write with (markers, pencils, pens – anything!).

What is the Support & Enhancement Guarantee?

1. Anything we deliver we’ll support
We’ll tirelessly work to fix bugs and make sure everything works for you. Put simply: this means we won’t just abandon you after you get started. You can count on us to help you troubleshoot.

2. Anything we build we’ll enhance
Anything you get will only get better. New functionality will also be added. All included in the price. Put simply: we won’t take away any features (unless it’s to replace them with better ones) but we most definitely will add more! This means your existing license will only get better with time (and it’s another good reason to purchase a full-year license).

Do you offer education discounts?

Yes! Educators and students are able to take advantage of a 20% discount on the Starter Version, pending verification. For more information, please contact us

And as soon as the PRO Version is available for pre-order, everyone will be able to enjoy a discount!

What if I change my mind after purchasing?

Not a problem. You will have 14 days after purchase to return the app for a full refund, with no questions asked.

What’s with the waiting list for the PRO version?

The PRO version will be available soon but we’re not yet able to specify a launch date. Interested organizations will be invited on a first-come-first-served basis to use this version, as soon as it becomes available.

If you’d like to be one of the first to use the PRO version, get updates on its progress, and enjoy a surprise gift when it launches, join the waiting list now:

Join the PRO version waiting list

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