Turn any cameraPurple Line into a Content Camera

Install the Content Camera once, enjoy¬†all of the benefits of ShareTheBoard inside of every single camera-using application you own. There’s no need for expensive, dedicated hardware – you already own a content camera.

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Getting started

Simply log in to your account and download the Content Camera (WIN available now; MAC coming in 2024)

Setup is super simple: see how it works


Complete setup

Using your laptop? ShareTheBoard’s super simple setup will take seconds. Simply point your camera at the surface you’d like to share and the app does the rest.

If you’re working in a room with fixed cameras, completing the already easy setup gets even easier: save your settings once and you’ll never have to touch a button again.


Share your board

The Content Camera delivers ShareTheBoard functionality as a virtual camera. By simply selecting the STB Content Camera (in another application) you’ll trigger the app. Your viewers will enjoy legible and interactive board contents, and anything you write will be automatically saved online.

Tech requirements

Minimal effort, maximumShort Purple Line impact

The Content Camera is available as a Windows application (BETA); an updated version as well as one for MacOS are coming soon (2024). A graphics card is required and a minimum of 16GB of RAM is recommended.

And just to dispel any doubt: you’ll need a camera as well (your laptop’s built-in camera will suffice for boards within 3m/10ft). The Content Camera uses the image obtained from an existing camera, adds ShareTheBoard magic to it, then serves it back as a virtual camera (which can then be used by any application).

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Try it for freeShort orange line

Can’t wait to see the Content Camera in action? Don’t!
Take it for a free seven-day trial (no credit card required).

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Content Camera - User Manual

Simple instructions for using the Content Camera

Do you have a general how-to video?

Why, yes. Yes we do. Take 60 seconds to see how easy it is to use the ShareTheBoard Web app.

How do I save my board content?

Lots of options for you here...

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