Whiteboard with anyone,

Share your actual whiteboard, chalkboard, or flip chart online. Digitize your board content in real-time: improve legibility and save content with one click. No special hardware or installations needed. For a limited time, try it for FREE.

Bring back the board

Whiteboards are great for sharing ideas – unless you’re trying to share them through your laptop cam. With so many of us working remotely, it’s time to bring the board back.

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Share content, not obstacles

It’s difficult to write on a board and not block it with your body. Our app identifies written content and places it in front of any obstacles. Now your remote viewers can read what’s on your board, right “through” you.

Zoom in on your board

Sharing a whiteboard through your laptop often means your viewers see it at a strange angle. Now you can easily fix that angle – without even moving your laptop – and zoom in or out as needed.

Zoom in on your board
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Zoom in on your board
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Save your content

No need to take pictures of the board, scramble to copy everything down or add “do not erase” in the corner. With one click you can save all board contents, quickly and securely, with no obstacles or background.

Solutions for…


Now more than ever, remote education is a top priority. We’re working hard to make it as effective and natural as possible.

Solutions for Education


The business world is no stranger to white-boarding or remote collaboration. Finally, you can combine the two.

Solutions for Business

Remote Work

Many of us work remotely full-time; many more have recently joined the ranks. Visual collaboration helps us stay connected.

Solutions for Remote Work

Making an impact
where it counts

Using the whiteboard has contributed to my teaching style and my ability to convey learning essentials. ShareTheBoard allows me to continue to teach in the way I find most effective despite the limited medium of remote learning. And given the unfortunate circumstances for teaching remotely [this year], anything that can improve the energy and learning in the “room” is a plus.

Teresa Danze, Classics Professor

I turned on the app and instantly fell in love. I pointed my camera at my desk and literally shared a piece of paper. I just wrote and pointed, as if the other person was looking at the sheet with me – it was all so… natural.

Paweł Kisiel, D.O.O. at FPWD

I’m on my laptop, working from home, pretty much all day. When it comes to conveying a complex thought quickly, often the most efficient option is a pen or a marker. With ShareTheBoard I can easily hash-out difficult tasks with overseas colleagues.

Marcin Demkowicz, Digital Strategy Consultant

A shared whiteboard can bridge

the greatest distance

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