How it works

ShareTheBoard makes it possible to share your whiteboard with anyone – legibly, interactively, and securely – using the hardware of your choosing. Here’s how it works:

Situation A: You’re presenting to or teaching a large in-person audience

Easy setup

The presenter positions a ceiling-mounted camera, a whiteboard camera, or even one on a tripod towards her whiteboard. She turns on ShareTheBoard and uses her board normally.

Viewer experience

Everyone in the audience sees a live stream of her board, using any browser. Viewers enjoy clear, unobstructed contents and can contribute content of their own.

Audience interaction

At any time, the presenter can approach her laptop to see her viewers’ additions. She has total control over their contributions. Board contents are automatically saved and transcribable.

Situation B: You’re collaborating with or teaching a remote/hybrid audience

Easy setup

The presenter positions her laptop (or a camera installed in the room) to capture herself working at her whiteboard. She turns on ShareTheBoard

Viewer experience

The presenter joins her viewers in a video conference, with ShareTheBoard activated. Her viewers see the contents of her board clearly and without obstruction.

Viewer contributions

In any browser, viewers can activate Board View, where they can add content of their own. Their content shows up right alongside the presenter’s, inside the video conference.

Remote whiteboarding

The presenter can see her viewers’ additions on her laptop. In this way, everyone can whiteboard together. Board contents are automatically secured and transcribable.

Simple, right? Ready for more details? See the bells and whistles that make ShareTheBoard so effective.

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Do I need a special camera?

Short answer: the ideal camera depends on your specific setup. The good news: ShareTheBoard makes every camera special!

Do you have a general how-to video?

Why, yes. Yes we do. Take 60 seconds to see how easy it is to use the ShareTheBoard Web app.

What will I need besides the app?

You don't need much to turn your whiteboards into intelligent devices.

What video conference tools does this support?

Depending on how you define "support".... the answer = all of them!

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