Whiteboard capture

Share the contents of your whiteboard online, without any new equipment

Whiteboard capture – a quick primer

What is “whiteboard capture” and does it differ from the “content camera” concept in any meaningful way? Short answer: these terms refer to similar solutions, with similar shortcomings. The good news: they also describe features that are delivered in ShareTheBoard, without requiring new hardware.

The term “content camera” typically refers to the ability to share handwritten content during a video conference. To deliver this feature, certain hardware providers encourage you to purchase a dedicated whiteboard camera, in addition to their conferencing license and equipment. The term “whiteboard capture” is similar but, in some ways, the reverse: it’s often used by manufacturers of specialized cameras that must be physically installed above a whiteboard. These whiteboard capture cameras can then beam the content they “see” on their attached boards online – in some cases, directly to video conferencing solutions. These solve similar problems but they share a critical shortcoming: a reliance on permanently mounted, specialized hardware. As a software solution, ShareTheBoard offers you the same whiteboard capture capability with full mobility and scalability, and at a considerably lower price.


Permanent installation

Physically installing dedicated hardware in one place can leave you feeling chained. It makes trials difficult and expensive and seriously limits usefulness.


Enjoy whiteboard capture, with no tether

As a software solution, ShareTheBoard keeps you productive and nimble:

  • No installation costs or dedicated hardware required
  • Want to try it before you buy it? Here you go – it takes less than 1 minute
  • Not depending on a physically installed camera means you can “capture” anywhere – not just the one place your whiteboard camera is installed.
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High price tag

Physically installed whiteboard cameras do help facilitate hybrid collaboration but their price tag (and value) is highly limiting.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Hybrid collaboration with a low price tag

Get a whiteboard capture camera without breaking the bank:

  • Our app is categorically more cost-efficient. Hardware costs? Gone. Installation costs? Nope. Monthly costs: a fraction of the hardware-based option.
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard can be scaled up and down instantly: simply add/remove users, as needed.
  • No need to learn, support (or pay to maintain) complex, dedicated hardware
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PROBLEM blackboard

Limited functionality

Besides being tethered to one spot, physically-installed whiteboard cameras simply can’t handle more… than whiteboards (of a specific size, at a specific distance)

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Digitally capture whiteboards… or any other surface

With ShareTheBoard you have no limitations:

  • Share blackboards, flip charts, scrap pieces of paper – anything you can write on.
  • Share how you need to: across the room, next to the board, on your desk. Do what works for you.
  • Share from anywhere: if you can take your laptop there (and soon: your smartphone), you can ShareTheBoard.
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Making an impact
where it counts

I love talking with organizations that have tried whiteboard capture with permanently-installed cameras. I just say: “ShareTheBoard does much more, for much less… and everyone here already has the ‘whiteboard camera’ with them.” Lots of smiles in those meetings.

Marcin Demkowicz, Digital Strategy Consultant

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance

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