Whiteboard capture

Now every camera can capture whiteboard contents – 
automatically and securely


We make whiteboard capture possible with any cameraLong purple line

No more “do not erase” or photos of boards shared from unapproved devices. Now you can automatically save, secure, and distribute your whiteboard contents – using the camera you already own.

Screenshot of a man using a whiteboard and share the board app at the same time

Capture crisp and unobstructed content

With our proprietary content recognition algorithms, ShareTheBoard digitzes and vectorizes handwritten content in real time, while ignoring any obstacles in the way.


Secure those contents automatically

The essence of whiteboard capture: ShareTheBoard automatically secures board contents and saves them to the cloud as meaningfully organized slides.


Make it laughably easy to use

ShareTheBoard identifies boards or even pieces of paper automatically. Simply point your camera at the surface you’d like to share and the app does the rest. See how it works


Keep your current tech

No need to invest in dedicated hardware. ShareTheBoard works with the cameras, operating systems, and videoconferencing solutions you already own. Any camera can be a whiteboard camera.


Slash your costs

As a software solution, ShareTheBoard is easily scalable and categorically more cost effective than any hardware-based alternative.


You alreadyLong white line have a whiteboard camera

It bears repeating: ShareTheBoard DOES NOT REQUIRE any specialized hardware.
Even the built-in camera in your laptop can be your whiteboard camera.
No more excuses: sign up for a free trial and start capturing your whiteboard contents now.


How do you deliver true whiteboard capture? Here are the details

No more security compromises: ShareTheBoard effectively turns your whiteboard into a scribe and a data vault

First and foremost: content

  • ShareTheBoard's proprietary and industry-leading algorithms make it possible to digitize handwritten content in real time, ensuring maximum legibility
  • Our app is smart enough to identify any obstacles - such as presenters by the board - and make them appear transparent

Setup is (nearly) automatic

  • If using a laptop to capture your whiteboard, simply point the camera in the right direction and the app does the rest
  • When using cameras dedicated to a conference room, setup will take less than a minute to complete

Extreme cost effectiveness

  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard requires no dedicated hardware, complex installation or expensive maintenance contracts
  • The app is easily scalable and vastly more affordable than hardware-based alternatives that purport to solve similar problems
  • In essence, ShareTheBoard delivers new benefits to the infrastructure you already own, increasing its ROI

Security is automatic

  • No more "do not erase" notes or pictures taken with personal devices - ShareTheBoard secures all of your board contents automatically
  • Board contents are saved to the cloud and are intelligently organized into meaningful slides, making them easy to reference

Works with your technology

  • ShareTheBoard works with any camera your organization already owns
  • It also easily integrates with any application that uses a camera, including all videoconferencing solutions
  • ShareTheBoard has solutions for any and all desktop operating systems

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Your whiteboard is an ideation super-toolLong purple line. Now it can also be a trusted scribe.

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