Document camera

Turn any existing camera
into an interactive document camera


All the benefits of a document camera, with more desk spaceLong purple line

Gone are the days of the overhead projector but sometimes the underlying need for one is still there. Now, you can address that need without the bulky hardware.

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Save precious desk space

No need to purchase dedicated hardware that takes up vital real estate. With ShareTheBoard any camera you own can become a document camera.


Focus on the content

ShareTheBoard amplifies text and makes any obstacles – such as your hands – appear transparent on camera


Give viewers control

Students can save content at any time, zoom in on any portion of the document or even add digital annotations of their own


Turn your camera into a scribe

Go beyond amplification: ShareTheBoard automatically saves the content you share in an editable format.


Bonus: deliver natural remote learning

The same tech that turns your camera into a document camera, allows you to deliver the most like-in-class learning experience for remote students


66Long white line%

of people in the US who’ve used video for education plan to use a mix of video conferencing and in-person experiences for education in the future

Source: Zoom Report

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Deviceless document camera - here are the details

Here’s how we deliver document camera capabilities, without requiring new hardware

Clarity without obstruction

  • ShareTheBoard's AI identifies and digitizes content in real time
  • Our algorithms also identify obstacles, making them appear transparent to your viewers

Work with any camera, anywhere

  • Use any camera linked to your laptop, such as a standard webcam
  • Flip your camera's image vertically or horizontally, adjust keystone, or zoom in as needed
  • Working remotely? Not a problem - ShareTheBoard travels with you, allowing you to easily share documents with students at a distance

Reach your remote users, with the same tech

  • While we're on the topic of eliminating hardware... ShareTheBoard allows you to actively engage remote students using the same tech that can replace a document camera
  • Simply point your camera at a whiteboard or any traditional surface and the app will digitize your handwritten content in real time, while making any obstacles appear transparent

Students enjoy Interactivity and control

  • Students can zoom in on any part of the shared document or save its contents at any time
  • With digital annotations, students can even contribute content digitally laid over the shared document

Easy to use and affordable

  • ShareTheboard requires no training; simply point your camera at the document in question and the application does the rest
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard is scalable, mobile, and considerably more affordable than hardware-based alternatives.

BridgingPurple dashed line great distances

Thoughts and practices to help you connect with remote participants more effectively and more naturally

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Do you have a general how-to video?

Why, yes. Yes we do. Take 60 seconds to see how easy it is to use the ShareTheBoard Web app.

ShareTheBoard is a Top EdTech Product WINNER

Recognized by District Administration at the annual FETC conference

Remote collaboration solutions

In an increasingly remote world, learning how to successfully work with other teammates is about more than just using the right tool.

What will I need besides the app?

If you're running ShareTheBoard on a laptop... nothing!

Our goal is to deliver tech that solves as many problems as possible, while being as invisibleLong purple line as possible.

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