How it works

First things first, here’s a quick summary of how ShareTheBoard (STB) makes it possible to share your whiteboard online – legibly and interactively.

Easy setup

The presenter positions her laptop (or, if available, a camera installed in the room) to capture herself working at her whiteboard. She turns on ShareTheBoard

Multiple sharing options

The presenter joins her viewers in a video conference (she has many ways to do so). Her viewers see the contents of her board clearly and without obstruction.

Viewer contributions

Her viewers can activate Board View, allowing them to add content of their own. Their content shows up right alongside the presenter’s, in real time.

Remote whiteboarding

Everyone in the meeting sees all contributions. This includes the presenter: as long as she can see her laptop, she can address her viewers’ additions. And all content is auto-saved.


LaughablyLong purple line simple setup

Worst case scenario, setup takes about 60 seconds. Best case? Zero.


Content is kingLong orange line

Our proprietary and industry-leading content detection algorithms ensure that your board contents are legible and unobstructed


Engage your remote viewers

The key to strong engagement is participation. Now your remote viewers can contribute directly to the discussion and to your board.


SecureLong orange line data and productivity

No more security breaches caused by pictures of boards taken with personal devices. No more lost notes. Turn your whiteboard into a trusted scribe and keep everyone focused on the topic at hand.


Works with what you havePurple Line

Our app has been designed to be as invisible as possible. Indeed, in certain setups, it can fully disappear. Whatever hardware you use, whatever software you prefer, there’s a comfortable way to ShareTheBoard.

Don’t settle for look-alikes. Keep your whiteboard and bring it into your digital workflow.Short Purple Line

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