Hybrid collaboration solutions

The “partially-remote” scenario comes with many of its own unique challenges. Here’s how ShareTheBoard solves them.

What exactly is hybrid collaboration?

OK, so this isn’t exactly a household term just yet but it describes a surprisingly common situation. In its simplest form, this expression refers to the case where only part of a given group is physically present, while the remainder participates remotely.

This situation is quite common in larger companies, with multiple offices. Often a core group works in one office while regularly interacting with contributors in other locations. Another common scenario is the corporate workshop. Finally, there’s the ubiquitous case of an individual contributor traveling, working remotely, or otherwise being unable to join the remainder of her team. Exclusively digital collaboration solutions don’t take advantage of the physical proximity of part of your team while offline solutions like the whiteboard – an absolute collaboration powerhouse – exclude contributions from those collaborating remotely.


Inability to engage all attendees

Tried to read a whiteboard as a lone remote attendee? Conversely, have you found yourself not using a whiteboard simply because one team member isn’t present?

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Keep all attendees engaged and productive, wherever they may be

With ShareTheBoard you don’t have to choose one group over the other:

  • Simply point your laptop at the board, step up to it, and work.
  • Our app ensures your content remains legible and unobstructed in a hybrid scenario – to both in-person and remote participants.
  • With digital annotation, remote members can also contribute to your board.
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Security and productivity concerns

What’s worse than not being able to use a whiteboard with your hybrid team? How about relying on insecure cellphone photos to share its contents?


Keep your information secure and your collaboration fruitful

ShareTheBoard turns any offline tool into an online input:

  • Get the best of both worlds: enjoy the comfort and intuition of classical whiteboarding with the security of digitized data.
  • Our app allows you to save your board contents with one click. Moreover, by streaming content online, your remote participants can do the same, at any time.
  • Saved board contents can be easily shared with your favorite productivity apps.
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Hardware is expensive and immobile

Digital boards and touchscreens can be useful but they cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars (per meeting room) and they don’t exactly travel well.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Enjoy a truly mobile solution at a fraction of the price

Enjoy the benefits of meeting room hardware without any of its drawbacks:

  • If you have a laptop, you have everything you need.
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard can be scaled up or down instantly.
  • Our app travels with you. Even on the road, you can still stay productive.
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Making an impact
where it counts

ShareTheBoard allows me to use a real white board. I have yet to find a better alternative when writing Greek. One of my colleagues uses a tablet with a stylus and connects it with the white board element of his video-conferencing apps. That requires me, however, to purchase a decent tablet and a stylus and to adjust the way I teach – sitting rather than standing (and thus remaining mostly stationary). For some this might not matter but standing improves my energy, confidence and attitude and it is an accepted and well-known means of delivering an education. It’s familiar.

Teresa Danze, Classics Professor

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance

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