Hybrid collaboration

Engage your remote and in-person teammates simultaneously


ShareTheBoard makes true hybrid collaborationLong purple line possible

The “partially remote” scenario breeds its own set of challenges. Now you can engage your distributed team effectively, using the right tool for the job.

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Stick with what works

Workshops and brainstorming sessions work best when they revolve around a real whiteboard – this is where this tool excels. Now you can actually whiteboard with your distributed team.


Ensure legibility

Ever been the lone remote worker during your team’s whiteboard session? The frustrations you’d experience are now gone: ShareTheBoard delivers crystal clear board contents and makes obstacles appear transparent.


Keep your whole team engaged

With digital annotations, even your remote colleagues can contribute content directly to your board.


Keep your content secure

No need for in-person attendees to snap photos of the whiteboard. ShareTheBoard captures all board contents in real time and saves them to the cloud.


Extreme cost effectiveness and true mobility

As a software solution, ShareTheBoard isn’t tied to any conference room. It can be deployed and scaled easily and is categorically more cost effective any than hardware-based alternative.


74Long white line%

of people in the US who’ve used video for business plan to use a mix of video conferencing and in-person experiences for business in the future

Source: Zoom Report

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True hybrid collaboration - all the the details you need

In essence, we make technology adapt to remote communication, allowing you and your team to do what you do best

Legible content

  • ShareTheBoard uses proprietary, industry-leading algorithms to enhance handwritten content in real time
  • Our AI identifies obstacles, such as your colleagues by the board, making them appear transparent to remote viewers

Ridiculously easy setup

  • If your team is working in a conference room which already has cameras installed, setup will take less than 60 seconds
  • In smaller rooms, or when the presenter is remote, simply pointing a laptop at the shared surface will trigger the app to complete setup automatically

Cost effectiveness and true mobility

  • Touchscreens and other hardware solve similar problems but cost thousands of dollars per room over their lifetime. And they're not exactly mobile - if you're on the road, they're useless.
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard is scalable, mobile, and profoundly affordable. Indeed, as it works with your existing technology, it actuallly increases the return on your exisiting infrastructure investment.

Interactivity and content capture

  • Remote participants can view your board in content-only mode, then contribute digital annotations of their own
  • Your remote colleagues have the ability to zoom in on the board or save its contents at will
  • All board contents are automatically saved and organized into meaningful slides
  • Direct integrations with productivity apps bring your whiteboard directly into your digital workflow

Works with your technology

  • ShareTheBoard will work with your existing hardware - whether you're using laptops or in-room cameras, what you have is all you need
  • ShareTheBoard will work with your existing software - whatever OS you may use, whatever videoconferencing solution you prefer, ShareTheBoard offers a working solution

BridgingPurple dashed line great distances

Thoughts and practices to help you connect with remote participants more effectively and more naturally

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Do you have a general how-to video?

Why, yes. Yes we do. Take 60 seconds to see how easy it is to use the ShareTheBoard Web app.

Remote collaboration solutions

In an increasingly remote world, learning how to successfully work with other teammates is about more than just using the right tool.

How do I save my board content?

Lots of options for you here...

Video conferencing integration

Coming Soon - ShareTheBoard will be available as an app, directly inside of your favorite video conferencing solutions

Whiteboarding with a semi-distributed team? No problemLong purple line.

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