Hybrid learning solutions

Teaching in-person and remote students simultaneously creates truly unique challenges. Fortunately, now there is also a true solution.

The rise of hybrid learning

Remote learning comes with its own set of pros and cons – but it has been with us for years. In the months following the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a new teaching model become quite common.

As a point of order, it’s worth clarifying what we mean by “hybrid learning”: most simply, we use this term to refer to a situation where educators are simultaneously addressing students who are physically present along with others who are participating remotely. This is a separate concept from “flexible” or even “hy-flex” teaching which refers to classes which may include both in-person and online/remote elements in their curriculum. Whatever you call it, the trend of teaching two disparately participating groups simultaneously is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, the solutions offered to address the unique challenges created by this trend often fall short.


Camera-only solutions create asymmetry

Simply pointing a camera at a teacher is not enough: board contents are often illegible and remote students have to play catch-up. Video conferencing alone is no hybrid classroom solution.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Keep all students engaged and focused, wherever they may be

ShareTheBoard allows you to naturally address everyone in the hybrid classroom:

  • Simply point your laptop at the board, step up to it, and teach.
  • Our app ensures your content remains legible to your remote students.
  • Remote students save board contents with one click – leaving their focus on you.
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Digital-first solutions breed churn and apathy

Using digital apps in class would mean double-work for teachers trying to engage in-person students and an impersonal experience for those participating remotely. Hybrid teaching should be held to a higher standard.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Let the technology do the double work

ShareTheBoard amplifies what you do best:

  • Get the best of both worlds: deliver a natural teaching experience and share legible and easily-savable digital content with no extra effort.
  • Our app allows you to maintain eye contact with everyone in your hybrid classroom.
  • Your body language says a lot – now it can come through naturally, for in-person and remote students alike.
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Hardware solutions are expensive

Digital boards, touchscreens, and tracking cameras do help address hybrid classes. Unfortunately, they cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars (per room!). Hybrid classroom solutions shouldn’t be limited to the most affluent schools.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Get the solution at a fraction of the price

Enjoy the benefits of specialized hardware without any of its drawbacks:

  • If you have a laptop, you have everything you need.
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard can be scaled up or down instantly.
  • We believe that financially inaccessible solutions are no solutions at all – that’s why we boast aggressively low prices.
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Making an impact
where it counts

ShareTheBoard allows me to use a real white board. I have yet to find a better alternative when writing Greek. One of my colleagues uses a tablet with a stylus and connects it with the white board element of his video-conferencing apps. That requires me, however, to purchase a decent tablet and a stylus and to adjust the way I teach – sitting rather than standing (and thus remaining mostly stationary). For some this might not matter but standing improves my energy, confidence and attitude and it is an accepted and well-known means of delivering an education. It’s familiar.

Teresa Danze, Classics Professor

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance

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