Hybrid learning made easyShort Purple Line

Engage both remote and in-person students simultaneously – without any new hardware


ShareTheBoard makes everyLong purple line classroom a hybrid classroom

Address your remote and in-person students simultaneously, without any double work.

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Deliver a natural learning experience

Give your in-person and remote students a familiar educational experience, complete with eye contact and natural body language.


No learning curve

With ShareTheBoard there is nothing new to learn: simply step up to the board and teach – the tech does the rest.


Keep everyone engaged

Now, everyone in your hybrid classroom can contribute to the board, even remote students… or those in the 10th row!


No haves and have-nots

Students need only a browser to participate; and board content is crystal clear, even over slow internet connections.


Nothing new to buy

No new hardware, no expensive maintenance or support – the tools your school already owns are all that’s needed.


53Long white line%

of people who’ve used video for education plan to use a mix of video conferencing and in-person experiences for education in the future

Source: Zoom Report

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Enabling hybrid learning - here are the details

Teaching is difficult enough. We put the onus of adjusting to remote communication on technology, so you can focus on what you do best.

Legible content

  • ShareTheBoard uses proprietary ML algorithms to identify and enhance handwritten content
  • Our AI identifies obstacles, such as teachers by the board, making them appear transparent

Easy setup

  • If your hybrid classroom already has cameras installed, setup should take less than 60 seconds
  • For smaller classrooms, or when teaching remotely, teachers can simply point their laptops at their shared surface and the application will complete setup automatically

Cost efficiency and high adoption

  • Hardware solutions - such as touchscreens - solve similar problems but cost thousands of dollars more, per room, over their lifetime
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard is scalable, mobile, and profoundly affordable. Indeed, it increases the return on your exisiting infrastructure investment.
  • There is nothing new to learn for your staff: teachers simply use their boards as they always have. This ensures maximum adoption (and benefit to your remote students).

Interactivity and capture

  • With digital annotations, even remote students can contribute directly to the board
  • Remote students have the ability to zoom in on the board or save its contents at any time
  • All board contents are auto-saved and can be sent directly to your LMS of choice

Works with the tools you already have

  • ShareTheBoards's Web app requires nothing but a browser - perfect for quick sharing
  • The Content Camera turns ShareTheBoard into a virtual camera that can be used by any application
  • ShareTheBoard will soon be available as an app inside of leading videoconferencing solutions

BridgingPurple dashed line great distances

Thoughts and practices to help you connect with remote participants more effectively and more naturally

Drawing of distances

You can't teach without eye contact

Human-centricity is the foundation of any successful remote learning solution

ShareTheBoard is a Top EdTech Product WINNER

Recognized by District Administration at the annual FETC conference

Teaching is difficult enough. We let technology do the changing and let teachers teachLong purple line the way they always have.

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