Individual brainstorming

Turn your trusty whiteboard into a personal scribe
and productivity booster


Here's how we make individual brainstormingLong purple line possible

When your whiteboard becomes a scribe and a productivity booster, is it still “individual” brainstorming?

Screenshot of the application share the board with a person using it on a board

Use the right tool for the job

Firs things first: when it comes to brainstorming – regardless of the number of participants – nothing beats the whiteboard. Don’t change what works; keep your whiteboard and teach it new, digital skills.


Share your whiteboard with your laptop

ShareTheBoard identifies and digitizes your handwritten content in real time, while ignoring any obstacles by the board (such as yourself). In effect, it “sees” only your content.


Focus on the brainstorming, not the note-taking

Your content is automatically saved to the cloud as an editable vector graphic. So you can focus on your storming, then easily pick up where you left off, later.


Blur the lines between the offline and online

Easily save your board contents directly to productivity apps and bring your whiteboarding into your otherwise digital workflow


Enjoy extreme ease of use

Using ShareTheBoard is laughably easy: simply point your laptop or camera at your whiteboard, and the app does the rest. Really.


>800Long white line

A meta-analytic review of >800 teams showed that individuals are more likely to generate a higher number of original ideas when they work alone

Source: Productivity Loss in Brainstorming Groups

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Bringing individual brainstorming to life - all the details

Tech that turns your whiteboard into a silent partner, so you can focus on creative problem solving

Content legibility

  • ShareTheBoard uses proprietary, industry-leading content recognition algorithms to identify and digitize your handwritten content in real time
  • Our AI can also easily identify obstacles - such as yourself, by the board - and ensure they're ignored from content capture

Integration with digital workflow

  • Saving content in an editable form means you can continue where your brainstorm left off. Hash out the big picture on your board, then work through the details on your preferred design apps.
  • Keep your work in the cloud or share the outcome of your individual brainstorm with your team, via productivity apps such as Google Drive or Slack (with more options to come)

Cost effectiveness and true mobility

  • Enjoy the services of a trusted scribe for less than a cup of coffee each moth
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard is completely mobile: tak it anywhere you can take your laptop (and soon, your smartphone)

Content capture

  • All board content is automatically saved to the cloud and organized intelligently into meaningful slides
  • Content can be saved in multiple formats (PNG, PDF, SVG), including editable vector graphics

Ease of use and flexibility

  • With ShareTheBoard's automatic board finder you simply point your laptop (or camera) at the surface you'd like to share, and the app does the rest
  • No whiteboard? No problem. ShareTheBoard can identify other writing surfaces such as blackboards or even pieces of paper
  • ShareTheBoard can be used as a web-app or virtual camera; whatever software or hardware you prefer, there's a deployment option for you

BridgingPurple dashed line great distances

Thoughts and practices to help you connect with remote participants more effectively and more naturally

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How do I save my board content?

Lots of options for you here...

Check out our new site!

Many weeks in this labor of love to bring you the new

Do you have a general how-to video?

Why, yes. Yes we do. Take 60 seconds to see how easy it is to use the ShareTheBoard Web app.

Video conferencing integration

Coming Soon - ShareTheBoard will be available as an app, directly inside of your favorite video conferencing solutions

Focus on the brainstormingLong purple line, not the note-taking

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