Are there minimum system requirements?

ShareTheBoard is optimized to run on even older, slower systems though, of course, will perform better on stronger setups:

Number one factor: graphics card

  • If you have a dedicated graphics card, odds are you can run any version of ShareTheBoard, including our advanced AI content detection engine (which produces the most vibrant colors). MACs with M1 chips (or newer) also will be fine.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated card, then you need at least some kind of integrated graphics card (technically, the app will run on a computer without even an integrated card but it’ll be quite slow).
  • The standard for new WIN laptops these days are the Iris integrated cards and they actually should allow you to run the AI content engine with reasonable speed.
  • If you have an older integrated card you can still use the app but you’ll want to stick to the Classic content engine (which maximizes contrast over color)

Secondary factor: RAM

  • 16GB is a safe minimum but in certain conditions even 8GB is fine (e.g., if you have a MAC using M1 chips or better)

Finally, keep in mind that the Content Camera (our desktop app) is currently available as a WIN app only. MAC users can use our Web app for now (and await the desktop app coming later in 2024).

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