What video conference tools does this support?

You can use the ShareTheBoard Web app with any video conferencing tool, simply be leveraging its “screen share” capability. Open ShareTheBoard in one tab, then share this tab in your video conferencing tool of choice.

To give your viewers the ability to add digital content to your shared surface or to save board contents at any time, invite them to open Board View during your session. To do this, copy the unique URL for your meeting and share it with your viewers.

The Content Camera serves ShareTheBoard magic inĀ any camera-using application by turning STB into a virtual camera. So if you’re using a(ny) video conferencing solution, you’d simply select the camera called “STB Content Camera” to start sharing your board.

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Are there minimum system requirements?

ShareTheBoard can run on even older laptops and desktops. Read on for details.


Content Camera – User Manual

Simple instructions for using the Content Camera


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