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We are proud and honored to share that ShareTheBoard has been recognized among the best remote learning solutions of the year.

ShareTheBoard has been recognized as a Top 10 Distance and Remote Learning Solution Company of 2022, by the publication Education Technology Insights (ETI). Through its own research and submissions from end users, ETI reviews solutions that stand out in the EdTech space. ETI’s Remote Learning Top 10 applauds those companies that are most effectively solving problems related to distance learning through the application of innovative technology and process.

Unique challenges of remote education

Remote learning has been growing in popularity for decades and the pandemic only accelerated this trend. The sudden shift to remote learning imposed by the Covid outbreak, however, led to well-documented social and mental health issues. A once human-rich interaction was replaced with predominantly digital content and minimal human contact, often resulting in lower student engagement and information retention.

These sudden changes also resulted in steep learning curves imposed on educators. Time-tested processes and tools were sidelined in favor of applications built around remote communication. The onus fell on teachers to learn and use these new tools, on top of adjusting to the difficulties of pandemic life.

Though many schools have returned to in-person classes, remote learning often remains an option to students, as new policies are implemented to ensure health and safety. Add to that the growing number of institutions built primarily around the remote learning model and the need for effective distance learning solutions remains obvious.

A recipe for success

With the continued growth of remote learning come new expectations from educators and students alike. In a nutshell, effective distance learning hinges on remote participants’ ability to fully participate in class. This, in turn, requires teachers’ focus, a human-centric learning environment, and the tools to enable all students to contribute.

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ShareTheBoard helps educators engage in-person and remote students simultaneously, without requiring any new hardware or learning new tools. Remote students enjoy the closest possible “like-in-class” learning experience, starting with the familiarity of seeing their teachers by their real boards – just as they would in person. With ShareTheBoard’s industry-leading content recognition algorithms, those board contents are legible and unobstructed and remote students can easily interact, contributing digital content of their own.

Best of all, ShareTheBoard requires no intervention by educators. Teachers focus on their students and on the message to be conveyed – the app runs in the background, taking on the responsibilities of adjusting to remote communication. With no learning curve to climb, teachers and students can enjoy the benefits of legible, interactive boards from day one. School administrators appreciate a near-automatic 100% adoption and highly competitive pricing. And of course, as a software solution, ShareTheBoard requires no complex installation or maintenance.

More progress ahead

The recognition of ShareTheBoard as a top remote learning provider validates our goal to deliver a more human-centric remote learning experience. We believe that education is a cornerstone of our civilization and that teachers should be allowed to focus on their students and the lessons to be conveyed (and not on learning the latest gadgetry). We’re proud of this distinction and we’ll continue our drive to deliver the most “like-in-class” remote learning experience possible.


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