April and May on ShareTheBoard

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Time is running fast, isn’t it? But the STB team works hard every month to improve our application and add new options for you. April and May were no different. We are happy to show you the latest changes!

What's new

  • The ability to rename meetings in the “Auto-saved content” section on the dashboard.
  • Noise reduction is no longer an option – it is a permanent feature.
  • The ability to download individual frames from the board memory.
  • Free STB license for teachers via dedicated codes – no credit card required anymore.
  • Optimization of the content redrawing mechanism.
  • The ability to disable the auto-saved option for members of the organization by its admin.
  • The participant’s pointer is now visible in video conferencing tools.
  • New icons on the dashboard and minor changes to the appearance of the application to improve its intuitiveness.
  • The settings button on the onboarding screen is now in the lower right corner.
  • Content Camera is marked as the BETA version, to let you know that the app is constantly being improved and small issues can occur when using it.
  • Expired accounts have a unified look which makes it easier to buy a new subscription from the dashboard or Plan Details tab.

Bug fixes

  • Adding integration to Slack and Google Drive no longer negatively affects the operation of the application.
  • Board memory does not save empty frames – recording starts when content appears on your board.
  • Content processing works even when Content Camera is in the system tray.
  • Downloaded files and zip folders open properly.
  • Instructional videos available on the dashboard and in the WIZARD display correctly.
  • Monthly “auto-renew” renews subscriptions correctly.
  • Admin cannot add active PRO accounts to the organization (this way PRO users will not lose their subscription).
  • Changing the workspace area does not limit the added annotations in Content Camera.
  • You can end the WIZARD even when your account expires.


Happy whiteboarding!

The STB Team


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