Christmas is coming!

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Two wonderful presents coming soon from ShareTheBoard!

NOTE: updated on Dec 15th to reflect new EDU present!
NOTE: updated on De 28th to reflect Content Camera launch!

Box number one

Updated on DEC 28th… we’re live! Out-of-date content has been grayed out.  🙂

It’s nearly time! The ShareTheBoard Content Camera is almost here! What’s so great about that? How about instant integration with any camera-using application?!

That’s right: the Content Camera serves up the magic of content amplification, obstacle avoidance, digital annotation, automatic content capture and everything else you know and love about ShareTheBoard, right inside of your favorite camera-using app. So however you choose to video chat, for example, you can now share your board – legibly and interactively – right inside of that app. No more screen sharing, no separate tabs.

Better still: the Content Camera actually launches when you open any camera-using app. That means that – if you choose to do so – you can launch ShareTheBoard inside of other apps without a single click. No work, no fuss, just content amplification magic, right inside your favorite apps.

Stay tuned for our launch announcement before Christmas! We’re live… during the Christmas season! 🙂

Box number two

This one is for all of the educators and students out there. Whiteboards and blackboards are no strangers in education-focused environments and ShareTheBoard wants to be present anywhere such surfaces are most needed. That’s why we’ll be sharing a big announcement before Christmas – a special gift for all of the teachers and students in our lives.

If you’re in this group, be sure to sign up for email updates. You won’t want to miss this one!

UPDATE DEC 15: The big announcement is here! As of today, all individual students and educators can enjoy ShareTheBoard for FREE! 

The Starter Version – all you need to share your board legibly and interactively – is 100% FREE for individual educators and students. The PRO Version – with extra features, like integration with videoconferencing and automatic board content saving – is available to individual students and educators at 50% OFF.

If you are an individual student or educator, all you have to do is Claim your Education Discount

Merry Christmas!

...and to all a good night!

As we approach the end of 2022, we’d like to thank everyone who’s been with us on our journey. We’re very proud of our tech and hope to amplify whiteboards all over the world in 2023. None of this would be possible without the feedback and support of our fellow whiteboarders out there. Thank you and may you have a peaceful, warm, and Merry Christmas!


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