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On our blog, you can already find a lot of content about distance teaching and distance learning. These are topics that have become quite commonplace in our day and age. The pandemic has accustomed us to the reality that learning does not always mean sitting on a school bench. Also, training at work is increasingly taking place remotely, and there are plenty of online courses offered on the Internet for which you can get a certificate without leaving your home. We turn to this topic because ShareTheBoard has the most to offer here to make the distance learning experience as comfortable, natural, and human as possible.

Distance learning systems…

There are many systems, softwares and platforms to improve remote teaching and learning. School or university, student or teacher, head of the company or ordinary employee, IT or health industry—distance learning applies to almost everyone, regardless of age, position, or field. The best-known distance learning systems are presented below. Maybe you have already met them or will come across them in the future. Let’s check it out!


  • easy content creation;
  • asynchronous and social learning;
  • PowerPoint’s presentation conversion;
  • over 800 editable courses in the course library;
  • forum-like discussion boards and virtual classrooms;
  • integrations with other video-conferencing tools like Zoom;
  • gamification – courses feel more like smartphone games than training programs;
  • Brain Boost – EdApp’s spaced repetition tool – automatically generates personalized lessons that focus on topics that need to be repeated.


  • course authoring tool;
  • pre-made course library;
  • document library;
  • event calendar to organize courses;
  • custom quizzes and progress reports to track training metrics like attendance and completion rates.


  • interactive quizzes and activities creation by PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides, PDFs, and videos;
  • library full of different pre-made resources.


  • creating courses with a real-time, drag-and-drop editor, templates, and stackable blocks;
  • integration and import content from other platforms;
  • AI-assisted suggestions and content recommendations.


  • thousands of video learning content on different topics from expert speakers and leading specialists;
  • there are TED talks, TED Series, TED-Ed videos;
  • podcast library;
  • different mediums, from recorded talks to animated videos;
  • offline playback and subtitles in different languages.


  • focuses on topics of digital technologies and business fields like artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, executive leadership, and programming and development;
  • access to mentor support and an online student community;
  • personalized feedback, practical tips, and additional resources.

… and more distance learning systems

During my studies, I had the opportunity to use some of the systems because classes were held in the form of e-learning several times a semester (before COVID-19!). Even after the pandemic, as restrictions and social distancing have lessened, distance learning is firmly on the agenda. Demand creates supply, so the list of distance learning systems is much longer than this. Still, here are some other examples you may encounter at work or during remote learning.

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  • commonly used in higher education;
  • course content management, communication tools, assessment tools;
  • integration with other educational technologies.


  • popular learning management system;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • tools for content creation, assessment, communication, and collaboration.


  • massive open online course platform;
  • wide range of courses from universities and institutions around the world;
  • both free courses and the option to earn certificates or degrees for a fee.

Google Classroom

  • free platform for K12 educators and students;
  • integration with Google Workspace tools;
  • environment for communication, collaboration, and assignment management.

Khan Academy

  • vast collection of free educational videos and exercises;
  • covers subjects like math, science, history, and more.

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com)

  • library of video-based courses;
  • focused on professional and technical skills, business, and creativity.


  • open-source learning management system;
  • tools for creating online courses, managing assignments, conducting quizzes, and facilitating communication between instructors and students.


  • platform to create and sell courses;
  • wide range of topics;
  • often focuses on practical skills.

On this subject, don’t forget about YouTube. In addition to music, podcasts, and a mass of amateur recordings with quality and value close to zero, we will find many channels with substantive knowledge and tutorials. Therefore, this popular platform can also be counted among distance learning systems. It has a non-public option, so it can be used as a video carrier. You upload the video, copy the link, and send it to a closed group of recipients, and the material cannot be found through the search engine.

ShareTheBoard in distance learning systems

It is worth noting that distance learning can be implemented in the following ways:

  • synchronous – a real-time course where communication between the teacher and the listener is important;
  • asynchronous – a course consisting of previously prepared materials that you can play at a time convenient for you;
  • hybrid – a real-time course with pre-prepared materials to be played.

Training, courses, university lectures, business meetings, school classes… The ShareTheBoard application can be helpful for both the teacher and the participants, regardless of the selected system, type, field, and method. If distance learning uses a traditional board or a piece of paper, ShareTheBoard will take care of the comfort of transmitting and receiving content. Not without reason, our product became a Top EdTech Product WINNER at the start of 2023.

Yes, it’s self-promotion, but it writes itself! This article is about distance learning systems, and ShareTheBoard can be a complement to just about any solution — the icing on the cake. 🙂 See for yourself!




















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