The Rise of Huddle Rooms: Redefining Workplace Collaboration

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No one can deny that the modern business environment is changing rapidly. And while some companies still hold traditional values like formal attire, leather briefcases, and grand conference rooms as essential to their culture, many forward-thinking brands find these norms almost stifling. They prioritize flexibility, accessibility, and comfort, recognizing the importance of creating a conducive workspace. In this ever-evolving landscape, effective communication and collaboration are put on the pedestal, regardless of whether team members are in the same room or continents apart. This is where the concept of huddle rooms comes into play. They are small, technology-enhanced meeting spaces that are changing the way we can work and cooperate, offering hundreds of benefits and thousands of opportunities for organizations of all sizes.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what huddle rooms are, their benefits, what you might need to create one, and the technologies and go-to tools that make them a game-changer for modern businesses.

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What even are huddle rooms?

Huddle rooms, also known as huddle spaces or collaboration rooms, are essentially designed to accommodate small groups of people. Unlike traditional boardrooms or large conference rooms, huddle rooms are intended to be compact, informal, and focused on fostering collaboration. These spaces are equipped with technology and tools that facilitate communication and productivity, making them ideal for quick team meetings (aka team huddles), brainstorming sessions, and whatever your company needs and desires. 

Basically, huddle rooms are a breath of fresh air in the stiff corporate world, putting emphasis on adaptability and efficiency while also promoting a conducive environment for teamwork and innovation.

6 reasons why you should try them!

  1. They allow better collaboration:

Huddle rooms are made to encourage collaboration. They create a sense of intimacy that large (and mostly underutilized) conference rooms simply cannot. The meetings are supposed to be spontaneous, lack the excessive formality and allow teammates to speak freely and openly. Nothing should stop them from discussing their ideas and creating revolutionizing solutions. With the right tools and cozy setting, team members should be eager to share their thoughts, documents, and screens.

  1. They help you stay flexible:

Huddle rooms are versatile and adaptable. They can be easily repurposed or reconfigured to meet your ever-changing needs. You can use them for various purposes, from video conferences and client presentations to team meetings and project discussions.

  1. They are budget-friendly:

Compared to traditional meeting rooms, huddle rooms are more cost-effective to both set up and maintain. They require less space, fewer resources and (in case you don’t have any space in your own office) don’t need prior reservations that can also cost a hefty amount. And in case you would like to create a collaboration space – it’s cheaper to buy six chairs instead of twelve.

  1. They increase team’s productivity:

Dedicated huddle spaces can heighten your team’s productivity by minimizing disruptions that can happen in the larger workspace. This way participants are focused, sessions are efficient, and work takes less of your valuable time! Now you can choose whether you will spend the saved time on another project or on vacationing.

  1. They improve communication:

When it comes to connecting the online and offline world, huddle rooms take the crown. They often feature high-quality audio and video conferencing equipment, ensuring that your remote team members can participate as effectively as their in-office coworkers.

  1. They are Millennial and Gen-Z friendly:

This is more of a long-term plan. But, by offering a modern, tech-savvy workspace like huddle rooms, you can become a valuable asset in attracting top talents from younger demographics.

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What do I need to create a huddle room?

To create an effective collaboration room you will need to do a bit more than just put a table and chairs in a small space. Here are some key elements you need to remember:

Space: No surprise here – you should choose a small (but not restrictively small!), private space away from any sort of distractions. Make sure it’s comfortable, well-lit, acoustically sound and easily accessible to all your team members. Remember, they will likely spend significant time there, so create an environment they genuinely enjoy.

Furniture: Choose comfortable, ergonomic seating and appropriate furniture that allows interaction and collaboration. Maybe try out some interesting sitting arrangements? Modular? Horseshoe? There are many options to choose from. What is important is that they should be easily reconfigured to accommodate different meeting formats. After all, the goal is to adapt.

Technology: You saved some money on space, so now you can invest in quality! Check out some top-notch audio and video conferencing equipment, such as cameras, microphones, and speakers. Remember, they have to be user-friendly and support your team members’ communication. It’s incredibly important, especially for all the hybrid teams out there.

Connectivity: That’s a basic for any modern company, really – a dependable internet connection and Wi-Fi are essential. It’s challenging to achieve much when only half of your teammate’s sentence is audible due to a failing router.

Whiteboard: Or maybe a writable wall? Those sort of surfaces can be invaluable for visualizing ideas and making notes during meetings. Nothing works better for an idea generation session than a board and a marker after all.

If you will be able to ensure all those needs are met, you’ll transform your huddle room into a vibrant space that not only meets practical requirements but also inspires your team. Remember, the goal is to create a workspace that PEOPLE ARE DRAWN TO—a space that sparks innovation and nurtures a sense of belonging among co-workers.

bussiness meeting in a small group

Go-to tools for huddle rooms!

Now that you have the room, you need to make the most of it. To do that you’ll need the right technologies and tools:

Video Conferencing Systems: You can try platforms like Zoom Rooms, Cisco Webex, or Microsoft Teams, and allow team members to collaborate effectively, no matter where they currently are.

Audio Equipment: You might need high-quality microphones and speakers to ensure crystal-clear audio in huddle rooms. After all, is there a point in those meetings if remote participants cannot understand a word you are saying? And, to enhance audio quality even further, you can consider some acoustic treatments like baffles, panels, and ceiling clouds to help you reduce echo and background noise. And if you prefer the room to be esthetically pleasing – try rugs, wall art, or window coverings. They should do the job just as well.

Hybrid Collaboration Tools: Tools like ShareTheBoard help you take whiteboarding to the next level. They allow you real-time sharing of whiteboard content with remote colleagues, keeping the human element of whiteboarding sessions. This technology not only keeps the collaborative spirit alive but also extends the reach of your sessions globally.

Will you try to create a huddle room?

So, now that you’ve gained insights into the world of huddle rooms – from their definition to setting them up and choosing the right tools – would you be interested in creating one? 

Are you ready to transform your workspace into a comfy hub of innovation and cooperation? After all, creating a huddle room isn’t just a trend; it’s a strategy for unleashing the full force of your team’s brilliance. Maybe it’s time to embrace the huddle room revolution and watch what happens next!

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