March on ShareTheBoard

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We are happy to give you a quick update about changes and new features. On March 10, you could see a maintenance break, which allowed us to do the necessary work to improve the ShareTheBoard App – see for yourselves!

What's new

  • NEW FEATURE – 100% no-click Content Camera solution: New auto start option that will automatically start a ShareTheBard session after you start meetings in your favorite teleconferencing tool. With the ‘quick-start’ feature (which lets you skip the onboarding screen), you can have 100% no-click Content Camera experience!
  • Selected options (e.g. centering, board opacity, ignore area etc.) are saved, so you’ll start the next session with your previous settings.
  • If your plan expires, you will still have access to your account.
  • The “Select active participants” option allows you to turn the visibility of added annotations on or off during the session.
  • Participants will join the ShareTheBoard session faster.
  • Faster content detection.

Bug fixes

  • Content from the previous session is not visible when starting a new one.
  • If the saved link or room is deleted, you will still be able to download the content saved in the “Auto-saved content” section.
  • Your board will be found even with the default workspace area.
  • With centering on, changing the workspace area will work correctly.
  • Feel free to edit your account details.
  • Session links work properly.
  • During shopping after the plan expires, you will be directed to our website to complete the payment.


Happy whiteboarding!

The STB Team

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