November on ShareTheBoard

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It’s winter in Poland! However, we do not hibernate. We spent a month intensively working on the application. Check out the list of changes and new features!

What's new

  • NEW FEATURE for TEAM Version!
    Sharing saved data within the organization. You can mark records as shared in the Auto-saved content section. Shared records from all the organization’s members you will find in the Shared Content tab.
  • Board memory:

– Key frames – key slides will be automatically selected,
– New expanded download window in Board Memory gives the option to download not one, but all keyframes at the same time.

  • Changes on the Dashboard with new format for My Session Links and Auto-saved Content sections.
  • Experimental “Advanced color detection” option is no longer available in Safari on Mac due to Safari limitations.
  • Modified login page.
  • Improved convenience of changing the workspace area on small screens.
  • Plan details tab is better organized depending on the account type and registration method.
  • New button “Go to Dashboard” on the purchase page.
  • A link to Board Memory on the participants’ screen at the end of a session.
  • Edit a comment:

– “X” or ESC button – changes will not be saved,
– “Confirm” or click on the workspace area – changes will be saved.

  • PRO: “Share A Friend” → “Refer a Friend” (PRO only).
  • Session with advanced color detection: “Colors (experimental)” → “Enable Color Mode (beta)”.
  • Session without advanced color detection: “High contrast (default)” → “Change to B&W (default)”.

Bug fixes

  • When “Advanced color detection” is enabled and the workspace area or camera changes, the ‘old’ content will be cleared – it will not appear on the new one.
  • When “Advanced color detection” is enabled, changing the camera on the onboarding screen will not affect the content detection algorithm.
  • Enterprise members who had a license and were removed from the organization will be able to be added again.
  • During a session, the annotation menu will hide if you open the settings panel.
  • In the Auto-saved content section, records are defaulted from the newest to the oldest.
The STB Team

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