A Sneak Peek at 2024

2024 is coming soon and with it a whole host of surprises. We won’t give away all the details… just enough to keep you checking back for more:

Coming to ShareTheBoard in 2024

Direct integration with Video Conferencing App(s)

Again, no details… just letting you know that 2024 should finally be the year when you see ShareTheBoard “inside of” your favorite video conferencing applications.

It’s worth noting that you can already use ShareTheBoard with video conferencing tools by sharing your screen or by using the Content Camera, which serves STB up as a virtual camera. This new integration will offer an improved user experience for viewers though: it will allow them to see your board clearly AND interact with your board – all in one application. Stay tuned!

AI-Enhanced Board Memory

Now, ShareTheBoard has used “AI” since way before it was cool. Indeed, our content detection algorithms are the best in the biz. 2024 will see us bring some AI flourishes to another part of STB though – our unique Board Memory. For those who don’t know, Board Memory serves as an interactive instant replay of everything written on your board. It extends the value of each lecture or whiteboarding session by serving up board contents on demand – during and after your live session. It also keeps your board contents secure (in real time) – so you don’t have to take photos of your board or add the dreaded “do not erase”…

Well, in 2024 this great feature will get even better. Very soon, with just the click of a button, you’ll be able to generate a synthesis or summary of your entire session. You’ll be able to create diagrams or generate code. In other words, your whiteboards not only get memory, they get a brain to boot.

Sticky Notes

This one might be better described as “Convert to Sticky Notes.” You already know that ShareTheBoard identifies your handwritten content from the real world. And you already know that your viewers can contribute digital content of their own. Wouldn’t it be great if your real world content could be manipulated like digital content though? Wouldn’t you like to, say move that handwritten content rather than erasing it and rewriting it?

In 2024 you’ll be able to do just that! By converting your handwritten content into a digital sticky note, you’ll be able to manage it much like other digital annotations. It’s just another way we’re working to make that whiteboard a fully-fledged participant in your digital workflow.

…and much more!

That is but a small taste of the delicious new features coming your way. Come back and read more. Better yet, take ShareTheBoard for a spin or book a free 1×1 demo with Filipe (one of our whiteboarding experts) today.

Finally, please accept our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and nothing but the best in the New Year! Happy whiteboarding!

The STB Team


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