What will I need besides the app?

The short answer: you’ll need a computer to run the software, a camera, and a writing surface. Let’s break this list down:

  • Computer
    • ShareTheBoard can be run as a Web app on any computer, with any operating system, as long as it has a Web browser
    • If you use a Windows device, you can also use the Content Camera – our desktop application
    • For best results, use a computer with a dedicated graphics card. This is not required but it is recommended. Check out our detailed system requirements for more information.
  • Camera
    • The camera you choose will depend on how far away your shared surface is or how much content is typically on your board.
    • In some situation – such as a home office or a small huddle room – a simple built-in laptop camera will suffice!
    • For more information on which camera is right for you, check out our FAQ article on the subject or contact us for a recommendation.
  • Surface
    • ShareTheBoard is optimized for use with surfaces with white backgrounds – such whiteboards or flip-charts. If you have those handy, you can test the app quite easily.
    • If you don’t have a whiteboard handy, you can even use ShareTheBoard to share a piece of paper on your desk.
    • ShareTheBoard can be configured to work with black boards, green boards, or surfaces of any color. To learn more, contact us and tell us about your situation.

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