Remote work is here to stay

Millions of us work remotely – we know that not everything can be conveyed in a deck. No longer does remote work have to come at the price of true visual collaboration. Now we can share the board with anyone, anywhere.

Fully remote, truly connected

Now you can effectively whiteboard with the world, wherever you may roam.

There’s nothing like the board There’s nothing like the board

The whiteboard is a powerful tool in brainstorming or planning activities. Keep using the right tool for the job, even when you’re apart from your colleagues.

Above all: legible content Above all: legible content

Our app identifies handwritten content, amplifies it and places it “in front” of any obstacles by the board. Give your clients and colleagues the gift of legible, unobstructed content.

Keep your audience focused Keep your audience focused

Instantly digitize and stream board content, allowing viewers to save it with one click. Now your audience can focus on you, not on taking notes.

Augment your existing tool set Augment your existing tool set

No need to retype your notes and whiteboard sessions. Your digitized content can be easily shared with your productivity tools. Now your offline devices can be digital inputs.

Engage your audience Engage your audience

Tired of the same energizers and ice-breakers? Get creative with ShareTheBoard and keep your teammates alert.

Keep your costs down Keep your costs down

Specialized cameras or e-boards cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Our app allows you to deliver legible, digitized content for a fraction of the price.

Embrace a truly mobile solution Embrace a truly mobile solution

When you’re on the road, any special devices in your home office become useless. Our app travels with you – all you need is your laptop.

Got questions?

We’ve got answers

What do I need to run this app?

All you need is a laptop with a built-in camera. And, of course, your trusty whiteboard.


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Is this difficult to use?

No – using this app is as easy as sharing your scree. Watch this video to see how easy it is.


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Do I need a special stylus?

No. All you need is a whiteboard and a marker, or a piece of paper and a pen…


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Need to do more than just share your board?

Store board sessions online then pick up where you left off, from any board on the planet. Impossible? It’s coming soon! See everything we have in store.

human creativity

I’m on my laptop, working from home, pretty much all day. When it comes to conveying a complex thought quickly, often the most efficient option is a pen or a marker. With ShareTheBoard I can easily hash-out difficult tasks with overseas colleagues.

Marcin Demkowicz, Digital Strategy Consultant

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance.

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