Remote learning solutions

Distance learning creates new opportunities but it also introduces a host of new challenges. Now, at least some of those problems have found a solution.

Pros and cons of remote learning

Distance learning has been blossoming for years. New educational opportunities created by online schooling, indeed, have changed lives. The ability to learn from the best in your field, regardless of your location or schedule is nothing short of revolutionary.

For every positive facet of remote learning, however, there are at least a few challenges (and hybrid learning has its own set of unique difficulties). These challenges were made particularly apparent in 2020, when most schools found themselves suddenly educating in a fully-remote capacity. Problems with retention, general disengagement, social and mental health concerns – all of these were well documented during the height of the pandemic-induced shift to distance learning. Finally, hardware solutions offered to schools are often cost-prohibitive and run the risk of increasing a dangerous technology gap among students and faculty.


Inability to use time-tested methods

Many educators have found themselves frustrated with the shift to a digital-first setup, as it often entails changing not only tools but teaching styles.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Teach your old tools new tricks

ShareTheBoard amplifies what you do best, with no change to your teaching style:

  • Keep using time-tested tools, like whiteboards and chalkboards.
  • No need to use tablets, styluses, or keypads. Keep your teaching style: simply point your laptop at the board, step up to it and teach.
  • Our app ensures your content remains legible to your remote students.
  • Students can save board contents with one click – leaving their focus on you.
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Apathy, social and mental health issues

For many, the sudden shift to remote learning meant replacing a very “human-rich” interaction with staring at files on screens (with, at best, a few talking heads).

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Deliver a familiar learning environment

ShareTheBoard gets you as close to “like in class” as you can get:

  • You and your board are front-and-center – not digital files.
  • Maintain that all-important eye contact while you teach.
  • Your body language says a lot – now it can come through naturally.
  • Interact with your board, just like in class: point, describe… teach!
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Expensive and immobile hardware

Digital boards and specialized cameras are very expensive. And when you can’t get to your class (because of car trouble, sick child, pandemic, etc.), they’re useless.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Enjoy true mobility, at a fraction of the price

Get the benefits of specialized hardware without any of its drawbacks:

  • No dedicated cameras or monitors – a laptop is all you need.
  • ShareTheBoard travels with you, making teaching from home a breeze.
  • Specialized hardware costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. We believe inaccessible solutions are no solutions at all – that’s why we boast aggressively low prices!
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The deepening technology gap

What good is the latest gadget if only a portion of your class can afford it? What good are digital solutions which don’t work for those with slow internet connections?

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Using technology to bridge the gap

It’s not enough to not add to the problem. We wanted to contribute to the solution:

  • You don’t need a supercomputer – our app runs on most WIN and MacOS laptops.
  • Your students need only a browser – nothing else.
  • Unlike other web-based solutions, our application delivers crystal-clear content, even over a slow internet connection.
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Limited spontaneity and flexibility

Digital-first solutions have a tendency to reduce interactions to talking heads and file sharing, hindering improvisation.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Technology adjusts to you, not vice versa

We believe your tools should support you, not limit you:

  • Using a truly mobile solution means you can actually take advantage of being remote. What would you do differently if the world was your classroom?
  • Prefer to use a notebook instead of a whiteboard? No problem, point your camera at your desk and share your notes with everyone.
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Making an impact
where it counts

Using the whiteboard has contributed to my teaching style and my ability to convey learning essentials. ShareTheBoard allows me to continue to teach in the way I find most effective despite the limited medium of remote learning. And given the unfortunate circumstances for teaching remotely [this year], anything that can improve the energy and learning in the “room” is a plus.

Teresa Danze, Classics Professor

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance

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