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Distance learning solutions

Teach your remote students effectively and naturally – without any new hardware or processes


Here's how ShareTheBoard makes remote learning better

Teaching is an innately human-rich experience. Finally, you can keep the humanity in distance learning.


Give remote students a familiar learning experience

Deliver the most “like in class” experience possible, complete with eye contact and natural body language


You're already an expert

With ShareTheBoard there is no learning curve. Simply step up to your board and teach like you always have.


Truly engage your remote students

Deliver a front-row experience to your remote students: give them a legible board that they can contribute to directly.


Bridge the technology gap

Make sure no-one is at a disadvantage: ShareTheBoard delivers crystal clear board contents, even when internet connections are slow.


No expensive, immovable hardware

No need to purchase dedicated, expensive hardware. The tools your school already owns will suffice. And when you can’t make it to class, all you need is your laptop.



of people in the US who’ve used video for education plan to use video conferencing exclusively for education in the future

Source: Zoom Report


Distance learning - here are the specifics

Long story short: we make the technology accommodate remote communication, so teachers can do what they do best.

Legible and unobstructed content

  • ShareTheBoard uses custom machine learning algorithms to digitize handwritten content in real time
  • Our algorithms also identify obstacles, making them appear transparent to remote audiences

Easy setup at school and off site

  • If cameras have already been installed in your class, setting up will take about a minute
  • When teachers themselves are remote, they simply point their laptops at the surface to be shared and ShareTheBoard completes setup automatically

Affordable and easy to use

  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard is mobile, easily deployed and scaled, and considerably more affordable than hardware-based alternatives. Save thousands of dollars per room or per teacher, depending on your preferred model.
  • Delivering benefit to your remote students is easy, as educators require no training to use ShareTheBoard. They simply step up to their board and teach - the tech does the heavy lifting.

Remote students enjoy Interactivity and control

  • Using digital annotations, remote students can contribute content directly to the teacher's board
  • Students can zoom in on any part of the board or save its contents at will

Multiple deployment options

  • For quick sharing and maximum flexibility, ShareTheBoards' Web app comes in handy
  • With the Content Camera desktop app, ShareTheBoard turns any camera into a content capturing device
  • Coming soon: ShareTheBoard will appear as an app directly inside of leading videoconferencing solutions

Bridging great distances

Thoughts and practices to help you connect with remote participants more effectively and more naturally


ShareTheBoard is a Top EdTech Product WINNER

Recognized by District Administration at the annual FETC conference

You can't teach without eye contact

Human-centricity is the foundation of any successful remote learning solution

Teaching is difficult enough. We let technology do the changing and let teachers teach the way they always have.

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