Whiteboard collaboration software

The whiteboard is a crucial part of any brainstorming session. You don’t have to forego this powerful collaboration tool just because your teammate or client is remote. Bring back the board and unlock your team’s creativity.

Visual collaboration for everyone, everywhere

Now you can enjoy the security and flexibility of digital content in the comfort of a real whiteboard session.

Nothing beats the board Nothing beats the board

The whiteboard is a powerful tool in brainstorming or planning activities. You can keep using the right tool for the job, even when collaborating with a distributed team.

Actually legible content Actually legible content

Our board collaboration software identifies handwritten content and places it “in front” of any obstacles. Give your remote colleagues the gift of legible, unobstructed content.

Productive and secure meetings Productive and secure meetings

The ubiquitous “do not erase” or photos of boards present a potential security nightmare. Digitize board contents and stream them live, allowing viewers to save them with one click.

Effortless hybrid collaboration Effortless hybrid collaboration

Digital-first solutions are suboptimal and frustrating when only part of your team is distributed. Now you can address remote and present teammates simultaneously.

Augment your existing tool set Augment your existing tool set

With ShareTheBoard, digitized content can be easily shared with other software. Now your offline tools can be inputs to your favorite digital applications.

Engage remote participants Engage remote participants

Digital annotations allow you to collaborate visually whenever inspiration strikes… or when you need to break the ice.

Slash your technology costs Slash your technology costs

Dedicated cameras, touchscreens, and e-boards can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Enjoy legible, digitized content for a fraction of the price.

Embrace a truly mobile solution Embrace a truly mobile solution

When you can’t get to your office, all of those special devices in your meeting room become useless. Our board collaboration software travels with you – all you need is your laptop.

Got questions?

We’ve got answers.

Is this the same as an e-board?

No. Our software allows you to share your real whiteboard (or any surface) with remote viewers.


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Is custom hardware required?

No. In typical office lighting conditions, all you need is a laptop (and a board, of course).


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Will this require training?

No. If you can share your screen, you can ShareTheBoard. Watch this video to see just how easy it is.


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Need to do more than just share your board?

Work with colleagues on multiple boards around the world, simultaneously. Impossible? It’s coming soon! Sign up now and get the plan your business needs.

Making an impact
where it counts

I turned on the app and instantly fell in love. I pointed my camera at my desk and literally shared a piece of paper. I just wrote and pointed, as if the other person was looking at the sheet with me – it was all so… natural.

Paweł Kisiel, D.O.O. at FPWD

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance.

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