Remote collaboration solutions

Millions of us work remotely or interact with remote colleagues every day. No longer do we have to be relegated to online-only options.

Is remote work the new normal?

Let’s start by asking a simple question: who is “remote?” Millions of us work from home or adopt the digital nomad lifestyle. Millions more go to the office only to interact with outside colleagues and clients.

In short, remote collaboration is ubiquitous (hybrid collaboration – or the “partial-remote” situation – is also quite common). Yet despite a veritable flood of digital collaboration tools, many of us still prefer to use classic instruments for certain key tasks. Pen and paper are often simply faster and offer a better solution for capturing inspiration. Whiteboards are instantly-intuitive tools which naturally encourage collaboration and brainstorming. Digital-first solutions often aim to replicate facets of these classic tools but can’t provide the natural comfort and physical feedback of the real thing.


The digital whiteboard oxymoron

Virtual, online whiteboards work well for certain tasks. But writing with your trackpad just doesn’t extract the same creative juices as interacting in a real whiteboard session.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Bring back the (real) board

ShareTheBoard takes your trusty board and gives it new remote collaboration skills:

  • First of all, no substitutes: use your real whiteboard, like nature intended
  • Our app ensures your content remains legible to your remote viewers.
  • With content streaming, your viewers can save your board contents at any time.
  • Digital annotations let your remote viewers contribute to your board.
  • Coming soon: AR-based interaction delivers true remote whiteboarding
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Not all hardware is mobile

Those digital e-boards and specialized cameras in your office come in handy… unless you’re not in your office. They also carry a hefty price tag.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Enjoy mobility and affordability

ShareTheBoard provides the pros of specialized hardware with none of the cons:

  • Our app travels with you – all you need is your laptop.
  • As a software solution, ShareTheBoard can be scaled up or down in your company, instantly.
  • The price? A mere fraction, compared to those hardware solutions.
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The limitations of online-only interaction

Energizers and icebreakers help to keep remote participants engaged but they can only go so far when relying on online-only interactions.

SOLUTION ShareTheBoard

Use your surroundings to your advantage

ShareTheBoard encourages you to get more creative with your team:

  • Our app allows you to combine the offline with the online – get participants out of their seats!
  • Digital annotations give a taste of remote whiteboarding, allowing all participants to contribute directly to an otherwise one-way experience
  • Coming soon: AR-based interactions will deliver offline-to-offline remote collaboration – nothing short of magic.
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Making an impact
where it counts

I’m on my laptop, working from home, pretty much all day. When it comes to conveying a complex thought quickly, often the most efficient option is a pen or a marker. With ShareTheBoard I can easily hash-out difficult tasks with overseas colleagues.

Marcin Demkowicz, Digital Strategy Consultant

A shared whiteboard can bridge
the greatest distance

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